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Award-winning TV commercials, jaw-dropping animations, revenue-generating marketing videos, high-caliber live events...we make it happen! Welcome to TVP. We're a unique, full-service studio where seasoned artists and production specialists combine their creative passions and technical expertise to communicate your message.

Since 1985, TVP has built a reputation for delivering outstanding work across a range of diverse industries. Today, we offer services that encompass every aspect of communications, providing a single source solution to any need in business-to-business, business-to-consumer or intercompany communications.


New Media


Learning & Performance

Mobile Applications


Digital Signage



Video Production


Scripting, Casting, Scouting

Art Direction

Camera Crews

Project Management

On-Screen & Voice Over Talent

Broadcast & Web TV

Location & Studio Production

Post Production

Video Editing

Motion Graphics

2D & 3D Animation

Visual Effects

Music Scoring

Sound Design

Color Correction


Overall Project Management

Staging & Design

Lighting, Sound, Projection

Media Support

Speaker Support


3D Projection Mapping

5 - Editing Suites

5 - Editing Suites

2 - VFX Suites

2 - VFX Suites

2 - Audio Suites

2 - 5.1 Audio Suites

Green Screen Studio

Green Screen Studio


Andrew Mears - President

Andrew Mears

Kevin Atlikhani - Editor

Kevin Atlikhani

Maria Correa - Office Manager

Maria Correa

Office Manager
Rebecca Abarca - Accountant

Rebecca Abarca

Gary Foster - Editor

Gary Foster

Sato Wood - Designer / Animator / Compositor

Sato Wood

Designer / Animator / Compositor
Jessie Phillips - Operations Manager

Jessie Phillips

Operations Manager
Butch Ewing - Developer / Programmer

Butch Ewing

Developer / Programmer
Robert Cowboy Luce - Producer

Robert Cowboy Luce

David Nance - Producer / Director

David Nance

Producer / Director
John Joiner - Sound Engineer / Voice Talent

John Joiner

Sound Engineer / Voice Talent
Art Bergel - Producer / Director

Art Bergel

Producer / Director
Sid Farbstein - Chief Technology Officer

Sid Farbstein

Chief Technology Officer
Ania Radziejowska - Business Development Executive

Ania Radziejowska

Business Development Executive


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